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Hailing from Baltimore, MD, the members of Stout have redefined the notion of heavy and unrelenting music in their genre and, over the past 16 years, have honed a sinister and menacing sound that belongs distinctively to them. From their five-song demo (“Dead Man Walking”) in 1996 to the Biocaust EP in 2000 to their 2002 self-titled effort, Stout had already made considerable progress in carving out a place for themselves among countless bands trying to stand apart from the crowd. By the time that 2007 rolled around with the release of “Sleep Bitch,” it was apparent that Stout had sharpened their sound into something more ominous, violent, dark, and unmistakably their own. Stout has been able to evolve and mature over the years while still keeping the essence of the band steadfastly intact, incorporating experimental new sounds into their already solid foundation. And with a live show that is equal parts terrifying and captivating, Stout have deservedly earned a permanent spot as one of the most respected, authentic, and esteemed bands in their area.

Stout’s latest EP, “Tales from the Marked Side,” features five tracks in total: four new songs as well as their twist on Entombed’s “Wolverine Blues.” The established Stout dynamic is still tangibly present, though this time with more exploration of Dirge-like melodies and memorable riffs that leave behind conventional patterns and ideas about “heavy” music.

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